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"Canvas3" PSP adaptation 

It will be released on 22nd April 2010.

tags : [F&C] [PSP]

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"Sekai Renai Kikou" Xbox adaptation 

It will be released on 29th April 2010.

tags : [あかべぇそふとつぅ] [Xbox]

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"Otome wa Boku ni Koi shiteru" PSP adaptation 

It will be released on 29th April 2010.

tags : [CaramelBox] [PSP]

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Whirlpool announced "Neko Koi" 

Tsukasa Tono is a the head of Tono shirine.
He and his sister Sayaka keep his shrine, but they are being forced to evacuate by the company his childhood friend Misaki's father works for.

One day, Misaki's father's car had trouble and destroyed the small shrine.
And cat god Hina and Sakuya appeared.
Sakuya in anger laid a curse on Misaki by accident.
And she had her cat ears and tail.

tags : [Whirlpool] [eroge]

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Combination Somebody" story 

the protagonist Kyoutarou transfered to "Senshu school"
His grand mother's occupation was to reconcile troubles about the land.
To catch up with his grandmother, he takes on chores in his school.

One day, He found a girl caught by ruffians.
He took her and ran away.
She looked hungry and they had a break at a coffee shop.
But she stole his bag and ran away while he was in the washroom.

A few days later, she came to his house and said she was his sister.
Obvious lie, but she had his grandmother's business card.
He allowed her to live in his house.

He started General shop.
And he got four girls as the members.

tags : [SilverBullet] [eroge]

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White Cyc announced "Nadeshiko Ranbu" 

There's an anecdote in Misaki city where the protagonist lives.
"There was a woman who fought to protect her country in the age of wars"
The woman who is good at material arts. People call her "Nadeshiko Ranbu"
The woman who is good at accomplishment. People call her "Nadeshiko Ranka"
All the girls in that town aspire to them.

The title "Nadeshiko" is given to the girl who win the first prize in a yearly event "Nadeshiko tournament"
The protagonist is chosen as one of the executives.

tags : [WhiteCyc] [eroge]

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"Tenshin Ranman Happy Go Lucky !!" opening movie 

tags : [YuzuSoft] [PSP] [demo_movie]

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"Akatsuki no Goei -Tsumibukaki Saishuuron-" opening movie 

tags : [Syangrila] [eroge] [demo_movie]

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"WHITE ALBUM2 -introductory chapter-" promotion movie 

tags : [Leaf] [eroge] [demo_movie]

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