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[ 2009/11/25 11:14 ] Blog | トラックバック(-) | | コメント(-)
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I've got a calendar 

I bought a calendar of "Osananajimi wa Daitouryou" in a used game shop.
The upper photo is all 12 months.
What's with this December?
I don't want to spend December on looking at this old man.

I cleaned my room today and found so many visualnovel's pamphlets.
I'm sorry that some old pamphlets has got dirty.
It's a hard work to keep them clean for a long time.

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I've been playing "Happiness ! re:lucks"  

I finished Koyuki and Saya in February.
And I finished Anri in April.
So, it has been 7 months since I played this game last time.
One route in this game is so short that it takes two hours to finish.
I could finish Haruhi and Sumomo on the same day.
And the next day, I finished Ibuki and now I'm playing Jun for my last play.

Looks like Sumomo hasn't changed at all since the original game "Happiness !"
Coz she has been in love the protagonist since just the beginning.
But Haruhi and Ibuki has changed a lot.
Haruhi was very kind to everyone but I felt she kept herself away from others in "Happiness !"
But she is madly in love with the protagonist in "Happiness re:lucks"
I could see a very nice lovey-dovey couple.
Ibuki fought against the protagonist and his friends in "Happiness!"
But she also fell in love with him and they had a romantic date in "Happiness re:lucks"

The most interesting thing in this game for me is Mahjong.
I didn't know Mahjong at all, but I've learned how to play Mahjong through playing this game.
I like Mahjong now. It's very interesting game.
I'll upload a game playing video for this Mahjong in YouTube.

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I've finished "Mutsuko" in "Ojousama Kumikyoku" 

Mutsuko is a sub character in the PC game.
She is a main heroine in the PS2 adaptation.
For that reason, her route is too short, and there're only three CGs of hers.
Top of that, her route diverges from Katsumi's route.
At first, the protagonist used to go after Katsumi, but she never appeared after I chose a choice for Mutsuko in the middle of Katsumi's route.
It looked so weird.
Then, Mutsuko's route started. But I reached the ending scene soon.
Why did they fall in love?
I can't understand that clearly.

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The end of "Happiness !"series, and my next video 

Finally, I've finished making all the gameplaying vidfeos for "Happiness !"
It took a long time to finish them, but I remembered how much fun I have while making videos.
I'll upload translated videos constantly from now.

I'm now translating demo movies of the following games
D.C.II to you
Aki no Urara no
Mashiro iro Symphony
Tenshin Ranman
Kiss x Lord x Darjeeling
Osananajimi wa Daitouryou
Maji de Watashi ni Koi shinasai
SHUFFLE ! essence+

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[ 2009/10/28 11:59 ] Blog | トラックバック(-) | | コメント(-)
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I've finished "Katsumi" in "Ojousama Kumikyoku" 

The protagonist, Kaoru was supposed to enter Houou school.
But he entered Houou girls school by accident.
Houou girls school is a strict school for classy ladies.
But he's so lazy that he often wakes up late in the morning and runs to school not to be late.
He always had a good sleep in every class and he failed in the tests, spending every weekend and summer vacation on the supplementary lessons.
Being late, tests, and homework, every time he faces his trouble, he makes a fuss to find a way to overcome it.
That is very funny enough to make me laugh.
He is always cheerful no matter what happens.
So, we can enjoy reading the story.

Katsumi Arisuma is a student one year older than he.
She is very selfish, overconfident, obstinate, and hates to lose.
She is beautiful, intelligent, so many students love and respect her.
But she is lonely because of her character.
Some students hate her and often hide her shoes and tear her school uniform.
But she pretends indifferent.

She is a real classy lady, so she looks down on Kaoru as a lazy man.
She used to swear at him when he didn't do as she liked or couldn't do something.
But her attitude obviously changed after he beat her at a basketball game.
Before the game, she never called him his name, as if she had no interest in his name.
After the game, she called him Kaoru for the first time.
She spends much time with him on preparing for school festival, finding that he is not just a lazy man.

She is a cute tsundere character.
Even after she fell in love with him, she never says she loves him.
Instead of that, she says she doesn't like him with gentle voice.
Moreover, she says in front of other students, she can't bear his standing by her side, and says she is troubled by him who always tags after her.
Of course, I can see her true feelings easily. That's why she looks so cute.
She is one of my favorite tsundere characters now.

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[ 2009/10/22 18:45 ] Blog | トラックバック(-) | | コメント(-)
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I've finished "Sakura" in "D.C.P.S." 

This is my third time playing "Da Capo -Plus Situation-"
I finished Mako in 2007, and finished Nemu in 2008.
This is PS2 adaptation for "Da Capo -Plus Communication-"
The biggest difference between the two is voice actors.
The voice actors of the PS2 adaptation are all the same as those of the anime.
I prefer them to the original actors.

Unfortunately, Nemu and Sakura's routes are a little bit difficult for me to understand.
Sakura and the protagonist Junichi are cousin, and their grandmother was a spellcaster, who has gone.
Magic is a very important factor in their scenarios.
But It's difficult for me to understand why and how the magic work on the characters.
Too many fantasical factors is not what I want.
A normal love story is much fun for me.
I don't mean I don't like Sakura.
I think she is very cute. Unlike Nemu, her way of showing love is straight.
And I enjoyed seeing her childish gestures.
But these cute scenes ended when the scenario got into a serious part.
This serious part is difficult for me to understand.
That confused me a lot.
And this part is very sad. I was so depressed.

I can enjoy her route as long as ordinary days go on.
When I was playing Mako, I could enjoy playing from the beginning to the end.
Since Mako route has nothing to do with Magic or something like that.
That is a normal love story made by a normal couple in love.
Still Mako looked very cute to me.

I know I'm playing an uncongenial game.
But I like the anime series of D.C. and this game is so popular that many people played it.
So, I want to complete D.C. series no matter how many years pass by.

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What was Gamers Akihabara branch renewal? 

This signboard tells us Gamers Akihabara branch renewal open on 30th September.
Looking forward to it, I went to the store on 12th October.
But I couldn't find anything new to me.
Of course, I'm not familiar with the store since I rarely visited there.
Still the store looked all the same to me.
Where is something new?
To make matters worse, the store reduced visual novels counter.
The store used to sell visual novels all over the 1st basement.
But I found visual novels on sale in the corner of 5th floor yesterday.
In general, game shops hide visual novels counter away from the people under 18 or they use one floor only for selling visual novels and prohibit the people under 18 from entering.
But Akihabara Gamers sell them at the place where all the customers can see.
What happened to Akihabara Gamers?

Akihabara Gamers had had two buildings.
One is the main building called "Anime building"
Gamers has been there since April 2003.
Another is "Game building" whose main merchandise is games.
Gamers opened "Game building" next to "Anime building" in summer 2008.
Akihabara Gamers used to sell visual novels all over the 1st basement of "Game building"
But "Game building" has been closed since last month.
I thought "Game building" would return on 30th September, but I saw "Game building" under construction yesterday.
According to other blogs, Akihabara Gamers seemed to close "Game building"
In other words, the main purpose of this renewal was to close "Game building" and integrate it into "Anime building"
Soon, another shop will start to run in the building which had been known as "Game building"
The words "renewal open" sounds like something good, but this is not "renewal open" but "reduction of the store"
The store is not large enough now, Akihabara Gamers cut off visual novels.

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I've finished "Misato" in "Tsu na Kanojo Dere na Kanojo" 

This is my second time playing this game.
Misato is a childhood friend of the protagonist.
She wakes him up and cooks a breakfast for him every morning.
Moreover she cooks his lunch and dinner and she lives next to his house.
They often talk through the windows like in the upper image.
It's almost as if she is his wife.
Needless to say, she loves him.
But she can't convey her love to him coz she's afraid their relationship would break.

Even after she and he became a couple in love, three girls told him "I love you"
They're all his precious friend.
He declined their love kindly, but I wondered how he would get along with the friends while going with Misato.
But there's no need of worrying about that. It doesn't seem their friendship is cheap.
All of them congratulated the two from the bottom of heart and had a good time together in the last scene.
This scenario was very good, too.

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I hope this will be my new start 

I uploaded two videos in YouTube yesterday.
These are gameplaying videos for "Happiness re:lucks"
One of main heroines, Koyuki is having a date with the protagonist, Yuuma in this scene.
I like her, but I prefer the other heroines including Anri and Sumomo.
But a YouTube user requested me to upload Koyuki's scenes.
So, I'll upload other two scenes of hers.

There has been no videos of mine for 8 months.
I hope I will upload my videos constantly from now.
I know my translation is not good yet.
I would appreciate it if you point out my mistakes.

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[ 2009/10/11 13:00 ] Blog | トラックバック(-) | | コメント(-)
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Google Chrome Theme for "K-ON !" 

Get this theme

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[ 2009/10/10 11:32 ] Blog | トラックバック(-) | | コメント(-)
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I've finished "Estel" in "Brighter than Dawning Blue" 

In early part of her route, I realized for the first time that the people on the moon have discrimination against the people on the earth.
I was very surprised coz the princess of the moon, Feena is friendly to the earth.
So is her main escort, Mia.
But Estel hated the protagonist and all the earth people when he met her for the first time.

Seeing the discrimination against the earth, I thought that the main theme of her route was the mutual understanding between the earth and the moon.
But there's an more important theme.

That is her growth. She has changed a lot since she appeared for the first time.
She is an abandoned child. So, she had been scorned by the other students in her school.
And she couldn't pass the test for a job of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the moon only because of her birth even though she graduated at the top of the highest school of the moon.
Moreover, she was forced to move to the earth and work for a church in the moon domicile.
Working in the earth is thought as degradation in the moon.
She has been bound by her past.

One day, classmates of the protagonist said they wanted to visit to the church.
And he persuaded Estel to give them a tour to see around the church.
He talked to her about the earth people while proceeding the preparation for the tour together.
And she came to unserstand the earth people lttle by little.
But a secret of her birth was revealed right before the tour, and she had to face her past again.

We all have sorrowful past. How should we get through that? How should we look at that?
I kind of understand her feeling.
I want you to see that Estel is free from her past, finding her new life in the last scene.

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[ 2009/10/07 16:27 ] Blog | トラックバック(-) | | コメント(-)
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My new video is almost ready to upload 

It's been 8 months since I uploaded last time.
Seems I can upload my new video in this month.
This video is a gameplaying video for Happiness !
This video has part1 and part2.
I'll upload both of them at the same time.
Please wait a little bit more.

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I've played "Hachimitsu Otome blossomdays" trial edition 

What encouraged me to play this game?
I looked over the website, and I saw that the company focuses on girls feeling shy.
It looked interesting for me.

All the heroines want to tell the protagonist "I love you", but they have difficulty because they are shy.
They try various ways to convey their love to him, but in some cases they explain it away with their faces blushed and in other cases he doesn't notice her feeling because of his insensitiveness.
All the heroines look very cute when they feel shy.

I was surprised there're many CGs in this trial.
I thought trial games usually don't have many CGs, but this trial has many CGs and I can enjoy seeing cute girls.
All the CGs look very cute even though I think the illustrator's skill is not notably good.
The reason might be that it's very cute of all the heroines who try to convey their love to him for their lives.
I think all the voice actors did good work even though there's only one actor whom I know well.
The scenario is long enough for trial and never makes me feel bored.
It's an ordinary scenario, sometimes funny and makes me laugh.
The main scene is a quiet country town, time passes slowly, and gentle daily life makes me relax.
I had lived in a small village until I moved to Tokyo when I was 18 years old.
This game reminded me of my old hometown.

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TV Bros did a feature on Moe 

This is a TV program magazine "TV Bros" October 3rd issue.
"It's time to think about Moe"

[ 2009/10/04 07:33 ] Blog | トラックバック(-) | | コメント(-)
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Akiba Game Fair 

An event was held by some visual novel companies in Akihabara on 26th September 2009.
They promoted their new games and sold their merchandise.
And they gave the attendance some goods for free.

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I've finished "Menou" in "Mono Gokoro, Mono Musume." 

This is my first time playing "Mono Gokoro, Mono Musume."
I chose Menou.
She is a sunao-cool type of girl.
She always preserves her calmness and rarely expresses her feelings.
She always shows her love straightforward to the protagonist.
She never feels shy of showing her love to him.
That's sunao-cool.

The scenario is very funny, it made me laugh many times.
And there're 10 girl characters who always make a fuss.
Playing this game is so much fun.

The protagonist, Hiroaki suddenly got the power to make an artifact a human girl.
He creates an artifact girl one after another.
At the same time, Menou transfered to his school.
It seems that she has known him, and she said she was his fiancee.
But he doesn't know her. Correctly, he has forgotten her for some reason.
Who is she? And why did she come to him suddenly?

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Akihabara cleaning team 

Come here, everyone!
Let's clean our hometown Akihabara.

Here comes a project to clean our holy place Akihabara.
The people who love Akihabara, they gather there to clean on 13th September.
I wonder how many people will come.
Of course, I love Akihabara so much.
But I have to work on that day.

However, I think that Akihabara is not dirty usually.
Even though Akihabara is always congested with so many people, the street keeps itself clean.
You mustn't smoke on the street. You will pay a fine if you do.
So, there's no cigarette butt there.
Still, this project is very nice.
This can't be carried out without the people who love Akihabara.

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I uploaded many old photos 

I started this blog in last September.
And I started to upload my photo in last winter, I remember.
But, I've been a photographer since 2007.
So, I've kept hundreds of photos unpublic.
I uploaded all of them today.
Please go to my page and take a look at my photo.
Even though you've been there before, you can see many new photos.

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"Maid-sama !" will get anime adaptation 

I met "Maid-sama !" for the first time two years ago.
I've uploaded some images on LiveVideo.
I've hoped that it would get anime adaptation.
Finally my wish came true.

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I've finished "Mia" route in "Brighter than Dawning Blue" 

I've thought that she is the last person to fall in love with the protagonist.
In any other route, we have little chance to see her.
Moreover, she met the protagonist for the first time when Feena came to the earth.

One day, they found a wounded young bird under a tree by accident.
They decided to bring her up together.
And they were getting closer to each other through those times.

But there's one problem between them.
She is Feena's main escort, she have to leave him for the moon when Feena returns to the moon.
Feena or the protagonist.
Which one will she choose?

It's too difficult to choose.
Her story tells us fully the relationship between Feena and Mia.
After all, Brighter than Dawning Blue has good scenario.

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My PC had been under repair 

My PC broke down last week.
I had been unable to update this blog.
Now, my PC is alright.
I'll update this blog from today.

[ 2009/07/30 14:10 ] Blog | トラックバック(-) | | コメント(-)
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I've finished "Akane" route in "Tsun na Kanojo Dere na Kanojo" 

The story was long enough to enjoy playing.
Peas Soft really did a great job this time.
"Tsukushite Agerunoni" ,released in 2007 by Peas Soft, was too short and made me disappointed.
Looks like they learned a lot from their mistake.
Of course, the story was so much fun.
She met the protagonist for the first time and kissed him suddenly.
Since that, she always boasts that she is his fiancee.
That confused him and his friends. But there're some reasons for that.

All the heroines love him.
This game has many scenes that they scramble for him.
Those were very funny and made me laugh.

But something sad happened and Akane had to leave him for her hometown.
She can hardly return to him.
They decided to hold their wedding before that.
I was moved by their sad wedding ceremony.
Of course, she returned to him in the last scene and they had a happy ending.

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[ 2009/07/21 08:00 ] Blog | トラックバック(-) | | コメント(-)
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"TRADER" open 

A new game shop "TRADER" was open today at Akihabara.
I arrived there 40 minutes earlier than its open.
I thought many people lined up and were waiting for its open, but no one was there.
30 minutes before its open, people came one after another, resulting in that there were about 30 persons in front of the shop when it was open.
I enjoyed seeing everywhere on the shop and bought five games.
I wanted to take some photos, but couldn't do that since there were many staffs and customers in the shop. And it was a rainy day, I had difficulty in taking a photo with my bag and umbrella in my hands.

7th July is Tanabata in Japan.
People write their wishes on small pieces of paper and hang them on bamboo.
Those small pieces of paper were called Tanzaku.
A shop at Akihabara put a bamboo in the shop, and there were many Tanzaku on it.
Any customer can write his or her wish on Tanzaku and hang it on the bamboo.
Of course, I did that.
What did I write? It's a secret.

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"Ane Doki" has started in "Weekly Shounen Jump" 

Mizuki Kawashita has started her new work "Ane Doki"

The protagonist met an older girl. She said she was starve and thirsty, and stole his icecream in his hand. (But she didn't look starve and thirsty.)
All of a sudden, his father left him for a business trip.
He had to live alone.
She decided to live in his house and take care of him in return for his icecream inspite of his opposition.
So, he started to live together with her whom he doesn't know at all.
I don't think the 1st episode is as interesting as that of "Strawberry 100%"
But I think that Mizuki Kawashita will give us another good work.

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Nana Mizuki appears in a PC magazine 

A famous voice actor and singer "Nana Mizuki" appears in the front cover of "Weekly Ascii" 14th July issue.
I was very surprised because that magazine is featuring PC not anime and game.
I read that magazine every week, but this is my first time seeing a voice actor in the front cover.
I came to know her for the first time when I watched anime Sister Princess on TV in 2001.
And I listened to her song for the first time on radio in 2002. That song was "POWER GATE"
I was surprised that a voice actor sang a song very well.
I've kept an eye on her since that.

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I've finished "Ibuki" route in "Akiiro Renka" 

It took five months for me to finish Ibuki route.
Of course, it's not because her route is too long, it's because I'm a slow runner.

Akiiro Renka is a good game as I've heard that many times.
I'm at a loss when you ask me what makes it a good game, but I can't find any bad point.
I prefer a more slapstick story but I think Akiiro Renka is acceptable for almost all the people.
All the heroines are very cute. The scenario is a little inconspicuous but is written carefully.
All the voice actors are very famous and play their roles very well.

Ibuki has a strange personality.
She has been in foreign countries, so she isn't familiar with Japanese way.
But that's not enough to explain her strange personality.
She tried to call the protagonist "brother" when they meet for the first time.
Of course, she's not related in blood with him.
She saw his sister Aoi calling him "brother" That's all of the reason.
And she loves to eat chinese noodle with no ingredient and loves to drink so bad tasting juice that others won't ever drink.
She always looks happy,but she also has her sadness.The protagonist makes friends with her and comes closer to her hidden sadness little by little.

Tears almost fell down while reading the ending scene.
I can't forget sad and painful voices of her and can't forget that the protagonist heard them and saved her.
And ending song is as nice as the opening song.
In the epilogue, they really looked happy, and that made me happy.

By the way, his younger sister Aoi always loves him from the start to the end.
She usually shows him her love in many ways, but he only thinks she is just kidding.
I'll try to accept her love next time.

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This is my second time playing "Milfa" route in "ToHeart2 AnotherDays" 

I've stolen, I've stolen, I've stolen your lip, Darling.

I always don't play the same route twice.
But I finished Milfa in March before I started Himeyuri sisters this month.
Milfa story is based on Himeyuri sisters story.
What will happen to the protagonist if he didn't fall in love Himeyuri sisters?
That is Milfa story.
He is just a friend of Himeyuti sisters at the start of "ToHeart2 AnotherDays"
I finished Himeyuri sisters this month.
So, I started to play Milfa again.

Still I can't tell whether her story is happy or sad.
Something sad happened to the two of them just after they accepted their love each other.
Of course, it's usual for this kind of visualnovels to have some scenes they overcome their hardship before the ending.
But I don't think they overcame their hardship completely.
They looked happy at the ending scene, as is often the case with this kind of visualnovels.
But I think that their happiest moment started at when they accepted their love and ended when a sad accident happened.
The scenario writer should have keep that happy time.
I feel sad every time I remember the time when they were really happy.
The more love for her I have, the more sad I feel.

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"Tama-nee is awesome" again 

Animate was handing out fans for free.
Of course, one fan per one person.
I lined up three times and got all of them.
And I got Angel Magister fan at another game shop.
It was burning hot that day.
Many people were walking around Akihabara with a fan in their hands.

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A big game shop is coming to Akihabara 

A game shop Sofmap had been in this building until 2007.
Visualnovels were on sale at 6F(or maybe 7F).
I used to climb the stairs, having no patience to wait for the elevator.
And I used to go to Akihabara after I finish my work.
The long long stairs always made me tired.
I can still remember which game is where on that floor.

Sofmap has gone and that building has been empty for two years.
Finally, a new shop has come.
TRADER has had three shops at Akihabara.
But yesterday, I found one of them closed.
Seems that they closed one of them after they decided open their new shop at that building.
This building is really big, and TRADER serves reasonable price.
Many Otaku will gather at that new shop everyday.

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