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I've finished "Mia" route in "Brighter than Dawning Blue" 

I've thought that she is the last person to fall in love with the protagonist.
In any other route, we have little chance to see her.
Moreover, she met the protagonist for the first time when Feena came to the earth.

One day, they found a wounded young bird under a tree by accident.
They decided to bring her up together.
And they were getting closer to each other through those times.

But there's one problem between them.
She is Feena's main escort, she have to leave him for the moon when Feena returns to the moon.
Feena or the protagonist.
Which one will she choose?

It's too difficult to choose.
Her story tells us fully the relationship between Feena and Mia.
After all, Brighter than Dawning Blue has good scenario.


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"Brighter than dawning blue -Moonlight Cradle-" was released. 

"Brighter than dawning blue -Moonlight Cradle-" was released on 27th February.
I saw many people lining up in front of the checkout counter at a game shop in Akihabara.

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Japanese new year's days have come to an end.
And almost all the people started to work today.
But Students are stiil in the winter vacation.

Finally I've finished Mai Asagiri's story of "Brighter than dawning blue"
She is very popular among Japanese visual novel fans.
After playing her story, I must say she is very charming and cute.

『夜明け前より瑠璃色な-Moonlight Cradle-』は2009年2月27日に発売です。

And I think her story's theme is family.
It has been more than two years since I saw my families last.
I live alone and my families live in the far place now.
Her story reminded me of my family and made me sad.
Why didn't I come to see my families in the last two years?
After I finished her story, I decided to come to see my families as soon as my work let me have free time.

I've finished making a new "Brighter than dawning blue" video.
I'll upload it on Youtube tomorrow or the day after tomorrow.
And I'm making "Tsuyo Kiss" and "Tsuyo Kiss Ni gakki"videos.
If I were lucky, I can upload them at the same time as I upload "Brighter than dawning blue"

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"Yoake mae yori Ruri iro na -Moonlight Cradle-" promotion movie was released 

PC game "Yoake mae yori Ruri iro na -Moonlight Cradle-" promotion movie was released.

プロモーションムービー mc_promotion.zip (194MB) or mirror servers below(No.1-20)

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"Yoake mae yori Ruri iro na -MoonLight Cradle-" new CG 

A sequel game to "Brighter than dawning blue" will be released on 27th February.
Let me show you some new CG.
You can click the banner to see more CG.

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New character of "Yoake mae yori ruri iro na-Moonlight Cradle-" 

August released information about a new character of "Yoake mae yori ruri iro na-Moonlight Cradle-"

Her clothes are similar to those of Estel's. So I think she is a human from the moon as well.

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"Brighter than dawning blue" fan-disk 

AUGUST is making a new game.
It's "Yoake mae yori Ruri iro na-Moonlight Cradle-"
I got the leaflet at a game shop in Akihabara.
There is a new CG on the leaflet.
The game will be released in this winter.

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