"WHITE ALBUM2 -introductory chapter-" promotion movie 


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"White Album 2" story 

The protagonist, Haruki Kitahara is a guitarist of the light music club in his school.
And this year is his last year in his school.
He decided to perform at the school festival to make a big memory before the graduation.

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Leaf announced "WHITE ALBUM 2" 

It will be released in this winter.

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Leaf announced "Manaka de Ikuno !!" 

It will be released on 27th November 2009

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"White Album" will get PS3 adaptation 

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This is my second time playing "Milfa" route in "ToHeart2 AnotherDays" 

I've stolen, I've stolen, I've stolen your lip, Darling.

I always don't play the same route twice.
But I finished Milfa in March before I started Himeyuri sisters this month.
Milfa story is based on Himeyuri sisters story.
What will happen to the protagonist if he didn't fall in love Himeyuri sisters?
That is Milfa story.
He is just a friend of Himeyuti sisters at the start of "ToHeart2 AnotherDays"
I finished Himeyuri sisters this month.
So, I started to play Milfa again.

Still I can't tell whether her story is happy or sad.
Something sad happened to the two of them just after they accepted their love each other.
Of course, it's usual for this kind of visualnovels to have some scenes they overcome their hardship before the ending.
But I don't think they overcame their hardship completely.
They looked happy at the ending scene, as is often the case with this kind of visualnovels.
But I think that their happiest moment started at when they accepted their love and ended when a sad accident happened.
The scenario writer should have keep that happy time.
I feel sad every time I remember the time when they were really happy.
The more love for her I have, the more sad I feel.

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I've finished "Himeyuri sisters" in "ToHeart2" 

The story touched my heart.
In "Konomi" and "Tamaki" route, only ordinary days come one after another until we come near to the ending. It looked weird that the characters got into a serious situation all of a sudden at the last scene.
But in "Himeyuri sisters" route, we can get to know about them little by little as the scenario goes by.
And They and the protagonist get close to each other little by little.
So, it looked natural that they got into a serious situation at the last scene.

I had thought that the scenario writer should have written "Sango" route and "Ruri" route separately.
But now I understand why the scenario writer put them together into one route.
Himeyuri sisters love each other so much.
They won't ever be separated. No one can split them up.
And the love between them is an important factor in their route.

The protagonist said he loved them as girls at the last scene.
Sango usually says she loves him.
Ruri hated him at the beginning, but it seems she came to love him.
But I don't know whether Himeyuri sisters love him as a person or as a boyfriend.
I think that Sango loves Ruri the best in the world and Ruri loves Sango the best in the world.
Himeyuri sisters and he said that they will stay together forever.
They looked like good families or a brother and sisters rather than a couple.
But They looked happy.
I'm so glad to read this warm love story.

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I've finished "Tamaki" route in "ToHeart2" 

It has been over one year since I finished "Konomi" in February 2008.
"Tamaki" is called Tama-nee.
I think she's the most popular character in this game.
But we can't meet her at the beginning of the game.
This game starts at 1st March, and ends at 30th April.
She appears on 20th March for the first time.
So, her story is shorter than Konomi's by 20days.
She is a childhood friend of the protagonist.
But she transfered to another school when they're children.
And she had been a student of a school far from the town where he lives.
Her story doesn't start until she return to his town.
She becomes a student of his school in April.
But nothing special happens to the two of them.
They just look like good friens or sister and brother.
They're not in love at all.

But, on 19th April, three girls comes from Tamaki's old school.
They had been younger students than she at her old school.
And they love her so much hoping she would come back to the old school.
And they hate him, trying to break away the two.

Almost all interesting parts don't start until those three girls come.
She is a very cute, but the scenario writer should have written better.
In other parts, she always takes good care of the protagonist as his older sister.
At the same time, she's naughty like a child and teases him.
That's the way to show her love.
I wish I had an older sister like her.

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"ToHeart2" PSP adaptation 

Release date : 30th July 2009

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I've finished Milfa(Harumi)'s story in "ToHeart2 Anotherdays" 

In fact, I wouldn't start to play "ToHeart2 Anotherdays"
I haven't even finished "ToHeart2" yet.
But I wanted to play it just for a few minutes for a try.
And I couldn't stop playing it. That was so much fun.
And I found myself watching at the ending scene.
I've finished Milfa(Haruni)'s story.
She is very cute. I love her.
It's been a long time since I met the character whom I love so much last time.

Date, Date, The first date with my Darling~♪

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"Kimi ga yobu Megiddo no Oka de" blog parts 


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"Kimi ga yobu Megiddo no Oka de" promotion movies were released 

店頭用PV アダルトVer. megiddo_demo02.wmv (95.8MB) or mirror servers below(No.1-19)
店頭用PV ノーマルVer. megiddo_demo01.wmv (95.8MB) or mirror servers below(No.1-19)

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Funny photo of "ToHeart2 anotherdays" 

Here is a big poster of "ToHeart2 anotherdays"
A shop staff wrote something funny on it.

This point of her breast is awesome!! It must be okay if you're belonephobia
Spark it !
This glimpse is awesome!!.
My god hand will get into.....

These socks cutting into her legs are awesome!!.
Ah, If I could be born again, I wish to be her knee socks.

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