Whirlpool announced "Neko Koi" 

Tsukasa Tono is a the head of Tono shirine.
He and his sister Sayaka keep his shrine, but they are being forced to evacuate by the company his childhood friend Misaki's father works for.

One day, Misaki's father's car had trouble and destroyed the small shrine.
And cat god Hina and Sakuya appeared.
Sakuya in anger laid a curse on Misaki by accident.
And she had her cat ears and tail.


tags : [Whirlpool] [eroge]

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Combination Somebody" story 

the protagonist Kyoutarou transfered to "Senshu school"
His grand mother's occupation was to reconcile troubles about the land.
To catch up with his grandmother, he takes on chores in his school.

One day, He found a girl caught by ruffians.
He took her and ran away.
She looked hungry and they had a break at a coffee shop.
But she stole his bag and ran away while he was in the washroom.

A few days later, she came to his house and said she was his sister.
Obvious lie, but she had his grandmother's business card.
He allowed her to live in his house.

He started General shop.
And he got four girls as the members.

tags : [SilverBullet] [eroge]

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White Cyc announced "Nadeshiko Ranbu" 

There's an anecdote in Misaki city where the protagonist lives.
"There was a woman who fought to protect her country in the age of wars"
The woman who is good at material arts. People call her "Nadeshiko Ranbu"
The woman who is good at accomplishment. People call her "Nadeshiko Ranka"
All the girls in that town aspire to them.

The title "Nadeshiko" is given to the girl who win the first prize in a yearly event "Nadeshiko tournament"
The protagonist is chosen as one of the executives.

tags : [WhiteCyc] [eroge]

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"Akatsuki no Goei -Tsumibukaki Saishuuron-" opening movie 

tags : [Syangrila] [eroge] [demo_movie]

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"WHITE ALBUM2 -introductory chapter-" promotion movie 

tags : [Leaf] [eroge] [demo_movie]

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"Harukazedori ni Tomarigi wo 2nd story demo movie 

tags : [SkyFish] [eroge] [demo_movie]

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"Fake Azure Arcology" character poll (until 31st January 2010) 

Go to the poll site.
After your selection, write your name and comment.
Click "投票"
Click again "投票" to confirm

You can vote once per day

tags : [Applique] [eroge] [poll]

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"Kachoufuugetsu" character poll 2nd season (until 14th February 2010) 

Go to the poll site
After your selection, write your name and comment.
Click "投票する"

You can vote once per day.

tags : [SilverBullet] [eroge] [poll]

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"Atchi Muite Koi" character poll (until 31th January 2010) 

Go to the pool site.
Choose one character.
Write your name and comment (you can skip this)
Click "投票"
Click again "投票" after confirmation.

You can vote once per day

tags : [AsaProject] [eroge] [poll]

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UnisonShift announced "Kimi no Nagori wa Shizuka ni Yurete -Flyable Heart if that time-" 

This is a fan disk for Mayuri Shirasagi, a heroine of "Flyable Heart"

tags : [UnisonShift] [eroge]

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"Shakkin Shimai -after story-" short movie 

tags : [Selen] [eroge] [demo_movie]

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"Shu ni Majiwareba Akaku naru" trailer movie 

tags : [GummySoft] [eroge] [demo_movie]

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"Dear Drops" opening movie  

tags : [OVERDRIVE] [eroge] [demo_movie]

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Navel announced "Sekai Seifuku Kanojo" 

tags : [Navel] [eroge]

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Navel announced "Ore tachi ni Tsubasa wa nai -after story-" 

related link
"Ore tachi ni Tsubasa wa nai" website

tags : [Navel] [eroge]

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Circus announced "Kotori Love Extasy Plus" 

tags : [Circus] [eroge]

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Studio Mebius announced "Tomodachi ijou Koibito miman -HD plus edition-" 

tags : [StudioMebius] [eroge]

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Akabe Soft 2 announced "Kourin no Machi, Lavender no Shoujo" 

Early summer, an usual town.
The protagonist is Sousuke.
And his school friends.
His childhood friend living next door (of course, she wakes him up every morning)
A loli girl who is naturally funny ( of course, she talks to animals)
A rich tsundere girl ( of course, she has her golden twin-tail hair)
A nearsighted prefect ( of course, if she put on her glasses.....)

This must be slapstick school love comedy.
But she appeared.
"I want to cry, too"

Her long black hair wavers sadly.
Her name is Hikaru. She is very strong, but she is weak.
They're all alone, fragile.
So, they longs for bond.
They longed for bond by mistake.

tags : [あかべぇそふとつぅ] [eroge]

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"Hinomaru !" opening movie 

tags : [WHEEL] [eroge] [demo_movie]

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"Hoshizora no Memoria -Eternal Heart-" 

tags : [Favorite] [eroge] [demo_moie]

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"Se Kirara" opening movie 

tags : [native] [eroge] [demo_movie]

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Prime Rose announced "Choujikuu Bakuren Monogatari" 

Yoshitsune has lived with his childhood friends Houjou sisters.
Otome Houjou likes black magic.
One day, Otome made a medicine which can twist time and space by accident.
And he got the power by accident.
He summoned Shizuka Gozen, Cleopatra, and so on.

tags : [PrimRose] [eroge]

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Lime announced "Maximum Magic" 

That world is different from our world.
First, there's magic in that world.
Second, huge castles has been floating in the sky.
No one knows what are these castles, but the castles has never done any harm, so no one cares about those.
But one day, a castle fell down on a town.
And some mysterious incidents occured in the town.
Almost all the incidents occured in a magical school.
The queen of the country decided to send a man to the school to survey those incidents.
His name is Gide Hamal. He transfered to the school as a student for the survey.

tags : [Lime] [eroge]

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Candy Soft announced "Motto Nee, chan to shiyouyo !" 

Souma is a student of a school far away from his hometown.
But He got a call from his sister saying his father was struck down by illness suddenly.
He came back to his hometown and had the reunion with his five older sisters.
He decided to help his sisters to keep his home.

tags : [CandySoft] [eroge]

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Chuable Soft announced "Sugar Spice 2" 

The protagonist is Hibiki Amamoto.
One day, his father went abroad for business.
So he started to live in his sister's house.
but his cousin Fuuka Amamoto has lived there.
He was afraid if he could get along with her since he hasn't met her so many times.

One day, he went shopping with her.
And he met a girl. Her name is Ginga Hiiragi.
She once was his older student and the girl he loved.

tags : [ChuableSoft] [eroge]

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"Curefull !" opening movie 

tags : [GIGA] [eroge] [demo_movie]

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"Oni Mari" demo movie 

tags : [130cm] [eroge] [demo_movie]

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"Hana to Otome ni Shukufuku wo -Royal Bouquet-" opening movie 

tags : [ensemble] [eroge] [demo_movie]

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"Magicarat Radiant" opening movie 

tags : [Parasol] [eroge] [demo_movie]

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"Tenkuu no Yumina FD Forever Dreams-" opening movie 

tags : [ETERNAL] [eroge] [demo_movie]

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