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I've finished "Sakura" in "D.C.P.S." 

This is my third time playing "Da Capo -Plus Situation-"
I finished Mako in 2007, and finished Nemu in 2008.
This is PS2 adaptation for "Da Capo -Plus Communication-"
The biggest difference between the two is voice actors.
The voice actors of the PS2 adaptation are all the same as those of the anime.
I prefer them to the original actors.

Unfortunately, Nemu and Sakura's routes are a little bit difficult for me to understand.
Sakura and the protagonist Junichi are cousin, and their grandmother was a spellcaster, who has gone.
Magic is a very important factor in their scenarios.
But It's difficult for me to understand why and how the magic work on the characters.
Too many fantasical factors is not what I want.
A normal love story is much fun for me.
I don't mean I don't like Sakura.
I think she is very cute. Unlike Nemu, her way of showing love is straight.
And I enjoyed seeing her childish gestures.
But these cute scenes ended when the scenario got into a serious part.
This serious part is difficult for me to understand.
That confused me a lot.
And this part is very sad. I was so depressed.

I can enjoy her route as long as ordinary days go on.
When I was playing Mako, I could enjoy playing from the beginning to the end.
Since Mako route has nothing to do with Magic or something like that.
That is a normal love story made by a normal couple in love.
Still Mako looked very cute to me.

I know I'm playing an uncongenial game.
But I like the anime series of D.C. and this game is so popular that many people played it.
So, I want to complete D.C. series no matter how many years pass by.

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