About this blog 

The main purpose of this blog is visual novel games.
The author is a Japanese otaku living in Tokyo Japan.

Almost all the companies don't willingly provide foreigners with their games.
But I want everyone to know how much fun those games are.

Let me explain each category.

The main purpose is new information about visual novel games
I usually post when a company release a new demo movie and a trial game.
How to download demo movies and trial games

Companies sometimes hold a character poll.
Of course, their sites were written in Japanese only.
So, I'll show you how to vote in the poll site.
You can leave your comment in a poll site.
I'm sure companies will be surprised when they see many comments written in English.
They might consider a sale in foreign countries, if they get to know how many people love those games.

When a company announced a new game, I'll translate its story as possible as I can.
( Companies sometimes delay announce of the story, I'll translate it as soon as announced )
I know there're many visual novel fans in foreign countries and they write about a new game in their blogs.
Some of them are very good at Japanese.
But there might be little unfamiliar words for foreigners.
I live in Japan. I can understand everything a company would write.
My English is not good enough. My translation sometimes confuses you.
Please ask me if you can't understand.

I write my short reviews of the games I played.
I don't write their storylines in detail. I want you to see them with your eyes.
So, you can't get much information about the game.
Just read them as my diary.
In other words, skip my review if you don't like my diary.
I just want you to know what game I'm playing now.
If you and I played the same game, we can feel each other closer, I think.

I like anime and manga, though I don't have enough time to watch and read them.
In Japan, many anime are aired on TV everyday.
But I rarely watch TV.
When I was a student, I had enough free time to watch many anime on TV.
I was surely a crazy anime fan, but am I a anime fan?
For the reason, I sometimes write about anime and manga.

My videos on YouTube.
There're many anime with fansub in YouTube.
But there're little visual novel games with fansub.
I'll translate and upload demo movies and gameplaying videos for visual novel games.

Today is an ordinary day for you, but a special day for another.
Do you love cute girls in visual novel games?
If your answer is YES, you must congratulate her on her birthday.
Please check whose birthday today.
And check who was born on your birthday.

Akihabara is a holy town for me.
I have a trip there a few times per month.
And I take some photo and upload them.
There're many interesting things if you like visual novel games.
How to save the photo

Message me if you have a question.

Game company list

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